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the field – from here we go sublime

What: This is the kind of techno that rips your conception of time apart. Each time I play any track on this record the first one-to-two minutes I keep thinking; when will it start, when will I get into it. And then, after the track has ended, I keep asking myself: where has it gone. Five minutes have disappeared. For me, the brilliance is in those ‘lost’ minutes.

This is not just techno of course. A adjective, probably ‘minimal’, is common. The problem with this specific genre definition is that it brings to my mind the ‘school’ of Richie Hawtin minimal techno. Music I absolutely adore, but music that thrives in a club. Whereas this record really works great in a home situation. That is probably due to all the warm melodies the Field uses, it is comforting in its sound and production, and the repetition is expedient for simultaneously reading a book.

With: Thomas Mann – the Magic Mountain
The novel that on a psychological level seeks to make you experience and sense time, sometimes it almost becomes physical. On a philosophical level it seeks to explain and understand time. It does so with a profundity that is exemplary for the works of Mann. A dominant parallel with the aforementioned music, of course, is the way in which time can seem to disappear. The expression one would use in English would probably be ‘killing time’. But ever since Hitchens pointed out it’s a “very crass and breedy expression (….) considering that time, after all, is killing us”, I try to avoid this. Yet the expression itself (killing time) probably explains a lot about the human experience of time, and maybe some about the position we think hold in the universe. A somewhat pre-copernican viewpoint.