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Kane Ikin – Sublunar

What: This is truly some evocative music. It sounds to my like the artist is blending both the more traditional tape-loops with contemporary laptop/computer technics, creating an all-embracing sound via erratic, slipshod percussions, rolling tape and impetus bleeps and blobs. Yet it never sounds histrionic, there is always control.

It was Tarkovsky who lit the first spark. Beforehand science-fiction, as a (movie) genre, enfolded the two star sagas. For trek I did not cherish any feelings, I never really ‘got’ it. More warm feelings were held for wars (this was the time when it was still a trilogy). Later on as I was reading more and more about European history I started to connect the dots of my interest. It was the historical plot and scenario that I found more interesting than the futuristic context – mere playing with oversized toys. Only after watching Solyaris I realized there are other opportunities offered within the realm of such a genre. Philosophical mind-games, for instance. Seeking the boundaries of your moral paradigm, trying to expand your horizon. More recent the movie Moon offert sort of the same experience.

With: My guess is that the music of Kane Ikin will be a fine match with some of the well-known s-f books that were written in the past century. Unfortunately the only classic s-f book that I read is Brave new world by Huxley….and I am not a fan. Perhaps the writings of Asimov, Philip K. Dick or Arthur C. Clarke would work? I don’t know.

So something else? Slightly out of the box perhaps, but I think this combines well with the Great Gatsby. Somehow this music overwhelms me in the same way that the world of Jay Gatsby overwhelms Nick Carraway. I get carried away by it with the same velocity and impetus that Nick has with Gatsby. This also makes the combination even more subjective then some I made before, so I would suggest that perhaps the best is to just listen to this music and try and find your own match. And let my know, please.