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Raime – Quarter turns over a living line

What: Dark ambient/electro with a pulse. During their live-show they projected black and white scenes, of what looked to me, partly abandoned east-European towns, on the screen that hung above the podium. But although everything moved very slowly, it did not seem slow-motion. It was as if the life depicted in these towns had adopted the tempo of the music of Raime. I remember a feeling creeping upon me (or rather growing inside of me) that this was the pace in which life should be lived. And it still is as if the space-time continuum shifts each time when I put on a record of Raime.

With: David C. Powers – The yellow birds: A truly heartening book that feels like a catharsis of the most pure and personal kind. For me Raime has this same pureness in it while its tempo can be easily fitted with that of the events and psychology in the book. A match made in the purgatory.

Also: Albert Camus – la peste
Dave Eggers – Zeitoun