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Deathprod – Morals and dogma

What: Deathprod, the moniker of Helge Sten, creates haunting ambient music. Using a lot of homemade apparatuses together with the more regular analog sound machines, he creates long songs that are not easy on the listener. I find this record to have a very dualistic listening effect on me. On the one hand it has a perturbing aura, a predominant side which could suit a silent movie from 1920′s Germany. On the other there is a cozy, an almost homely feeling hidden to it. A subtextual warmth. It is as if you are sitting in front of a hearth whilst on the outside you hear the wind, and with it the cold, curling around the house. Or palace, if there is love in it.

With: It is because of these properties I find Deathprod’s music to be the perfect assembly for a book like Cormac McCarthy’s the road. In my view this book contains the exact same balance of comfort and distress. You have the haunting nature. Hunting humans. And there is the paternal love and care. Both in memory as in present.

Other tips: Jonathan Franzen – the corrections a nice pair, the long sentences of the prose and the short-sightedness of the characters.
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