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Vatican Shadow – all works

What: dystophic industrial electro, inspired by terrorism and the battle against it. Although there is a very cheap sort of side, there is also a strong, almost psychedelic, effect to it. When you listen closely and for a short while there is not much to it. But when you listen on a more absent or less conscience way my guess is that you will, like me, experience a sort of dismal trip.

With: This happened to me while I was reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. When I started reading HoD I had trouble putting away Apocalypse Now. All I was doing was looking for things that made it, in one form or the other, to the movie. A movie I adore and have seen many times. After a while, 50 pages or something, I found this way was impossible for me the enjoy reading or to understand the book. So I stopped. Months later I gave it another chance. I had not seen Apocalypse Now for a while and had read several articles en references to HoD, which gave me hope for a better chance this time. It worked. I read large parts of the book while listening to al sorts of music and never had disturbing searches for Apocalypse Now material. But with Vatican Shadow playing I found myself deeply connected to the psyche of the protagonist (Charlie Marlow) and the parable that is the book.

Other tips: Franz Kafka – especially Der Process or Das Schloss
Or perhaps something with the topic of Vatican Shadow’s inspiration. Maybe the essays of Christopher Hitchens dealing with this issue.