About a year ago JW asked me what choice I would make when pressed to; music or books? I silenced.

H and me had visited a concert – some witchhouse if I remember correct – and went to JW’s appartment for some beers. We listened to some music, enjoyed our drinks and talked. JW. had been to a party with T, a friend of his. They had taken some drugs. T was to be found on the floor the rest of the night, tripping. The pills did not hit JW the same, or perhaps he took less. It was in this setting, close to 3 o’clock in the night, that he asked me and H the aformentioned question.

For H this was easy. Music. He works in music. When he talks about music, he talks with a passion that only few people can resist – I have yet to make a visit to him and his wife (she is lovely, has a great sense of humour) where I leave without new cd’s, vinyl and tips to renew these old ears of mine. Books are a step (or two) lower on his cultural ladder. When he reads, it’s mostly the 19th century masters of supernaturalhorror, Lovecraft and Poe.

When returned, the question that is, it was not a surprise that JW choose books. An avid reader from a young age, there is no chance you will find him somewhere without a book in his luggage or hands. An although he likes music it is with some diffidence he talks about it when among friends.

I still could not make a choice.

Music is long love of mine. A love that has grown exponantialy over the years. Not in mental impact though, that’s still very much the same. It is harder to find though, I’ve become more fastidious, but it’s still there. By grown I mean that I know and listen more music. Books are, on the other hand, a totaly different story. As I child a read very little and it was a vice that first led me into the world of literature. After seing the first film of the Lord of the Rings trilogy I could not wait for another 12 months for the second part of the story. The mere thought of waiting for the third one made me bellicose. So I ran to the library (with my mothers card) and although the first book (the fellowship of the ring) was not availible the second one (the two towers) was and with great desire and some nerves I started reading. Looking back it is strange to think that I lived for so many years (16-17) without the smallest comprehension among al these books that I can now hardly imagine living without.

So I could not answer the question JW. put so indolent, so idle. It would probably be unfair to parenthood to compare my choice with that of Sophie, but one can see the point. So this blog, you ask? In recent years I have found that combining both music and books can be a delicate activity. Some music, I find, simply impossible to unite with literature. Especially music with dominant voices are distracting. So for me no Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Molly Nilsson or Nick Cave during reading. Some I disqualify simply on quality, or the lack of it might be better put. Albeit you are reading I have found that there is music that will not only abide, but that some will thrive when combined with a good book. The object of this blog is to post this sort of music and thus, hopefully, help other people who are also both interested in good music en literature. I plan to write a short review about what to expect from the artist or song and, if possible, ad a song or excerpt for you to check for yourself. Like with wine I will also try to advice a certain writer, book or genre that in my view will match with the artist. This, offcourse, is personal and shaped by my background and experience. Nevertheless I hope this will proof to be a useful addition. It speaks for itself that comments are more then welcome and that I prefer them, if possible, to be put with some prudence. Enjoy!

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